The Outside Fortress Europe Image Gallery

This page features high-resolution facsimiles of images which are presented throughout the website, separated into the five Main Menu tab categories. We have avoided the ‘thumbnail’ icon approach to present near full-size images, largely due to our appreciation of the artists who created them.

Clicking/tapping the images will enlarge them to reveal the meaningfulness and, in many cases, the beauty of the artwork. Depending upon your browser/device, the level of detail in the graphics is exquisite and can be explored with standard navigation tools. The images have been tested for quality and resolution on devices ranging from widescreen display monitors to small smartphones, both android and iOS.

The images are presented ‘in order of appearance’, categorised with reference to the Main Menu tabs. Where an image is displayed more than once on the site its first usage determines its location in this gallery.

Most of the images have been licensed from Adobe Stock, a graphics exchange platform for artists and consumers and we request that they are not redistributed. Thank you.


Outside Fortress Europe

The Sky’s the Limit!


Strategic Management Think Tank


Inside Fortress Europe: Strategies for the Single Market


Outside Fortress Europe: Strategies for the Global Market
What’s Inside?


A Brave New World!


Oh No!


bitesized fortress europe

Towards a Deal…


The BiteSized Fortress Europe Series:  Volume One


the global business strategy album

Business News of the World


The Global Business Strategy Album:  Sides One & Two


Happy Farmers?


Shanghai skyline: A Chinese new (SEZ) world order


Tiananmen Square: All quiet on the northern (Beijing) front?


The Global Business Strategy Album:  Bonus Track


Antique Keyboard


20:20 Vision


2020 Vision
The Gutenberg Disruptor




Bookshelf & Typewriter


The Ascent of Marketing & Innovation





A Bright Idea…




Capitalism versus Communism: The Perfect Storm?


Communomics – Site Icon


The Berlin Wall (abstract impression)


The Rise and Fall of the USSR: 1922-1991


Mao Portrait / Bitcoin


colin edward egan

Graduation Day!


Business Communications






The Nexus Knowledge Chrysalis


Globe Canvas

the end!


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